[Circle][Code Patch]

From: henry (henry@gwis.com)
Date: 11/23/96

Greetings and salutations,
	My roommates and I have recently began the venture of CircleMud.  We have had good luck so far.
Two of us are c++ coders and have a good amount of programming experience so we downloaded the save-eq-on-person patch.  We did the patch by hand (running on Win95 OS).  We got the errors worked out with little problem and the patch does everything it is supposed to do...and more(?).
	Near as we can figure the code patch is causing our problems...comments would be helpful...here is what happened:
	eq - stores on location and retrieves fine
	Hitpoints and Movepoints - no longer are recovered
	- cannot do who's, gotos, stats, etc.. on anyone if you are not in the room with them
		- note a general who does show all persons playing

	If it is coding no problem...but near as I can figure will doing the patch we didn't really tread on anything that should affect these functions.


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