[Circle] NE,NW,SE,SW

From: Gerald Wichmann (stile@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 11/23/96

I want to add 4 new directions to circlemud..  I'm not sure what changes
need to be made but i've changed one array already and added the 4 new
directions as well as modifying the rev_dir array to put in the reverse
directions.  I also found a place to raise the number of directions to 9
(10 total).  I'm not sure what else to change.  Can someone clue me in?
Right now typing NW does not respond with an invalid direction but rather
an invalid command.  So it's not recognizing NW as a movement command.
Typing NE brings up some new features txt file or something such.  anyways
i appreciate the help!


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