Re: [Circle] [Newbie][Win95] Fatal Error

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 11/24/96

> Fatal error: Cannot change directory
> or something.. can't catch it fast enuf.. its right when I run circle.exe
> I've had this happen on 2 different computers, one from the public stock
> circle and the other from a version I compiled myself.. any thoughts?
> Chris Grantham
> Head Administrator
> ObjectMURPE (tm)
	When circle loads up if you do not specify the libb directory the default
is lib which assumes to work properly that you are in the directory above
lib. if you run the program from src or bin from windows then you will get
this error. Ways of fixing this problem.

	1.) goto dos prompt and the circle director and type bin\circle
	2.) when you run circle provide the option to change the directory path to
	3.) Make a shortcut that does one if the above two (change working
directory or supply extra param)
	4.) in config.c change the variable DFLT_DIR to "../lib"

	I think 4 is the easiest if you are always going to be starting circlein
the directory it resides ;) Have fun!

Christopher M. Ryan

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