Re: [Circle] [CODE] New race and infravision

From: Johan Dustler (
Date: 11/25/96

> From: Joshua Burley <>
> I added the races "elf" and "fairy" by way of the races.doc fine.. but I want
> them to be able to see in the dark... I changed the
> CAN_SEE_IN_DARK in utils.h.. but it doesn't let them see things in the room...
> anyone know all the changes I have to make?
> Avarice
> 4000

Instead of changing can see, you could affect the chars with the spell
infravision, with a duration of -1. Somewhere after the stats has been
rolled (hard to say a good place since I don't know how your code looks
like) put this bit of code:

struct affected_type af;

if (race == elf || race == fairy) {
  af.duration = -1;
  af.bitvector = AFF_INFRAVISION;

  affect_join(d->character, af, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE);

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