Re: [Circle] [IDEA REQUEST] Transfer equipment command.

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/25/96

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Rasdan wrote:

> > I also want to limit areas, I was thinking of making flags for the rooms,
> > but after a while it seemed ridiculous (I had over 8 flags, having for
> > example a flag for not letting anyone under 20 and anyone over 40 to
> > enter) and I was thinking if it would be possible to flag the zone itself
> > so only a range of levels (implementors aside) could enter it... This
> > should prevent also things like teleporting or transferring mobs
> > (transferring PCs should be ok). So what I am looking for is a way to
> > limit access to entire areas, not just some rooms... So HIgh level PCs
> > cannot group with very low level ones and make them up many levels at
> > once...
> Wouldn't it be easier to just go into limits.c, in the gain_exp function
> and set up xp caps. That's what I did, and they work fine, although I am
> having some problem making the right XP awarded be shown. Other than that,
> the xp that players can receive is limited by the current level he or she
> is, with the cap increasing as the person levels.

Maybe I am not understanding or maybe I didn't make myself clear (both
very frequent...:)

I want to limit access to full areas (several tens of rooms) to a range of

So, let's say you want to limit access to the chessboard to be used only
by players whose level is between level 21 and level 40, so a level 19 or
alevel 41 would not be able to enter the place...

At first I had made several flags (UNDER20, UNDER40, UNDER60, ABOVE21,
ABOVE31, ABOVE41, ABOVE51) which did let me set ranges in the rooms, but
it was too cumbersome to put such flags in every room I made (and a waste
of flags, also!) so I was thinking that maybe a flag for the whole zone
would do the trick easier (or a new field in the zon file)

I wanted to do this because even if I limit the entrance to a zone,
immortals can teleport inside the zone and transfer their buddies inside,
so they get to visit forbidden zones or zones still in building stages...


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