Re: [Circle] [IDEA REQUEST] Transfer equipment command.

From: Alvoria MUD (
Date: 11/26/96

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:
> I want to limit access to full areas (several tens of rooms) to a range of
> levels.
> ...
> I wanted to do this because even if I limit the entrance to a zone,
> immortals can teleport inside the zone and transfer their buddies inside,
> so they get to visit forbidden zones or zones still in building stages...

We have a spec that summons players with killer flags into a room for
holding or to be ... 'eliminated'. :P. The spec scans the descriptor list
of active players, and one could easily modify it to ban players from
certain zones, rooms, etc. I am in kindof a hurry, so I can't go dig thru
my huge spec_procs.c and retrieve the spec, but if you are willing to wait
till this weekend, I would be happy to make an example proc from our summoner
that you could customize. (I will also send it to the list if other people
are interested in it.)

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