Re: [Circle] Oasis-medit

From: mym (
Date: 11/25/96

> Has anyone had any problems with medit and the mud crashing when it asks if
> you want to save the mob internally and you answer yes? What could be
> causing this? Thanks for your help :)

  While I was looking for a different bug, I ran across a bug in medit which
may be your problem.  In medit_save_internally, there are three spots where
a > should be a >=.  This bug also will cause mobs to randomly seem to appear
in other places when they shouldn't.  Here is the chunk with the errors
although I don't have my old copy of it:

    /*. Update live mobile rnums .*/
    for(live_mob = character_list; live_mob; live_mob = live_mob->next)
      if(GET_MOB_RNUM(live_mob) >= new_mob_num)

    /*. Update zone table .*/
    for (zone = 0; zone <= top_of_zone_table; zone++)
      for (cmd_no = 0; ZCMD.command != 'S'; cmd_no++)
        if (ZCMD.command == 'M')
          if (ZCMD.arg1 >= new_mob_num)

    /*. Update shop keepers .*/
    for(shop = 0; shop <= top_shop; shop++)
      if(SHOP_KEEPER(shop) >= new_mob_num)

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