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From: invincibill (
Date: 11/26/96

invincibill wrote:
> okay...i admit it..i have found a problem that i cannot solve.  i have
> been working on it for 3 days solid.  i need some help in a very bad
> way.  i'm totally stumped.  i've been through all my books, the unix
> name it, i have probably tried it.
> my index files are set to read and write all in all my world dirs...i
> have even rm'd them and remade luck...
> here's what i got.  i downloaded obuild(i even mailed sammy..he hasnt
> gotten back yet(2 days ago) but thats cool..he's probably really busy..)
> i am getting a crash from the zedit create.  it adds lines to the index
> files after it creates the zones in does this by creating a
> temp file, checking the old index file line by line and
> copying/inserting each line appropriately in the new file, then it
> copies the new file over the old file..i will post some code and show
> the EXACT spot the mud is crashing. and put in some debugging statements
> output.  if ANYBODY can help me, i will love you for life. debugging
> statements in the code will begin with **
> The code is interspersed through 3 functions(1 large one, 1 medium one
> and one small one, i'll only post the relevant part of the large
> one..do_zedit..)
i have determined that the file is not getting opened, or if it is, is
not readable...using pointers and typcasts i have found that the file
length of the file (wld/index) is a big fat 0.  why?  i have no clue.if
i look at it PRIOR to running the mud, its readable by all and has a
file i'm even more stumped...but i'm gonna go to bed and
TRY to sleep..i'm so pissed i cant even think straight...somebody please
help, if you can.


my old prof once said that programmers possess a certain obsessiveness
not seen in other people...if here were here right now, i'd smack him.
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