[Circle] autorun & chmod

From: Terry Valladon (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 11/29/96

can someone tell me what the chmod for autorun should be? for some reason when
I do a 

autorun &

I get

[1] autorun &
process not alowed....

or something like that... but I am able to run my bootgdb script.. but I
dont like that because A: it slows things down, B: the mud crashes on an

so I assume that I have somehow messed up the chmod on it... also if someone
can send me the autorun script and the CHMOD it should be set at... it may
be the script itsself
thats messed up... but who has ever put there autorun in a backup??? sadly
not me =:)


Cyber Reaper

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