[Circle] [CIRCLE] [Code] Problem W/ Exits

From: root (root@mindwarp.com)
Date: 11/30/96

Hi all. Recently I've been working on a routine to simulate travel within  
a ship, say for instance to cross an ocean a player would wait by a dock
for a ship to arrive, board the ship by using just a directional command,
i.e. east, then wait for the ship to arrive at it's destination at which
point the player will receive a messages similar to "A ship's hand 
notifies you the ship has reached its destination."
Originially I had planned to do this with a room spec, then after digging    
through the code I saw that the room procedures were only called when a
player was in that room or executed a command in that room. I wanted the
ships to be failry autonomous. So I put a pilot on the ship and made a 
procedure for it using the game time to tell it when to dock and so forth.

At this point everything works fine except the routines I have to 
actually create an exit between two rooms. I was not entirely sure how to 
do this but this is what I tried:

 After looking up the virtual number of ship on a table it uses a call to 
real_room to get the real number of both rooms. Then this is where my 
system crashes:

 EXITN(realroom1,dir1)->to_room = realroom2;
 EXITN(realroom2,dir2)->to_room = realroom1;

 If anyone could give me any pointers as to connecting two rooms or 
another way to do ships thad be great! :)
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