[Circle] Running into problems again!

From: The Dark One (naxos@tiac.net)
Date: 11/30/96

Okay, I got mob progs compiled in..

so I make a test mob file:

fido dog~
the beastly fido~
A beastly fido is mucking through the garbage looking for food here.
The fido is a small dog that has a foul smell and pieces of rotted meat
around his teeth.
161 0 -200 S
0 20 10 1d6+4 1d4+0
0 25
8 8 1
>greet_prog 100~
mpecho $n $I wags $l tail at you.

Boot up the mud...

All looks okay...

load this mob...

no crash....BUT..nothing else either except:

"beastly fido (#100) : Attempting to call a non-existing mob funct"

Okay..So i check interp...yup there
                 mobcmd...yup there
    Did I miss something?

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