[Ideas] Mana -> Memorisation

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 01/01/97

	Oh. One more thing with memorisation. There needs to be some type of event
que thingy, so that when a player memorises a spell, that can't do anything
"pysical" for spell_level*time (minus wis/int bonuses). If they do
something pysical, then they break there spell meming and have to start
again. Also no memming in combat.
And .. like on Duris (i think it's duris ..) you can't mem in a combat room
.. .which is a damn good idea. Well, technically i think you can, but after
a while the noise gets to be too much and you break your concentration.
Also, the mobs LOVE to attack memming characters also. =)

Any good ideas anyone. Oh the time also needs to be a timer, that is semi
realisic in seconds too ...

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