From: Raf (
Date: 01/03/97

> then precede to take over my mud. If you are a good coder familiar with
> coding circle3.0 then email me or stop by Nightmare Lands at
> 4000.
> Now i also need good builders. Our mud is up and running but still needs
> alot of code.
Hmm, and know why he needs a coder? Because he kicked me off for no 
particular reason, locked me outta the mud account, banned my site, 
and wont even reply to my emails. I have done all the coding for his 
mud, and also gotten loadsa areas for him. Now, why would anybody 
want to code here if he does this sort of thing? I dunno...if you 
feel like talking again, email me, but I will not take what I have 
said here back.
Also, if you are gonna keep me outta this forever, please remove ALL 
my code (I know you probably wont do this, but I have to ask anyway),
which basically leaves you with a stock circle with Oasis installed.

FORMER Implementor of Nightmare Lands <-- DO NOT ENTER 4000
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