Re: [CODE] Random Room In a zone

From: doppsoft (
Date: 01/04/97

>Now here the fun begins, 'cause the word on the Scroll may never be the
>same (no prob there) but It need to be placed somewhere randomly in that
>exact zone. Anyone with an idea to how to do that?

You might want to change the db.c to allow for a new type of 
'load'.....Q, same as object load except instead of room, it's zone.  
Then, just have a while loop to pick a random number between the low end 
of the zone rooms and the top....then check to see if the room exists.  
Another thing to do, if you want the scroll to appear in a specific area, 
is to have 2 numbers, a low and top room number to choose the random 
number from.  Still would want to have the sanity check to see if the 
room exists though.
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