[CODE]Random 'maze'?

From: doppsoft (doppsoft@junctionnet.com)
Date: 01/04/97

I am curious.....after seeing the question on random placement of 
objects, I was thinking of some other random code, but I'm not sure how 
to implement this...Random exits within a zone.  I know that there is 
such a thing as a maze making algorithm to make sure that there are no 
'stranded' room (no exits) and to make sure that you can get from one 
place to another.  It would be the same algorithm used to generate the 
'universe' on the old BBS game Trade Wars 2002.  If someone could get 
this algorithm, it could proably be modified to make a random zone.  The 
idea is, have the zone reset only be when empty, then have built into the 
zone reset it being a 'random' zone.  THis could make things fun.....sort 
of a labyrinth that keeps players on their toes....or to make it even 
harder....make it so that the zone doesn't wait to be empty to reset and 
change >:)

Excuse my ramblings, I'm mostly just looking for the code for the 
algorithm....I know that it took about 5 minutes on a fairly slow 
computer to do 1000 rooms, so 100 rooms would probably take about 10 
seconds....if that.
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