Setting the record straight
Date: 01/06/97

Ok you all have heard Raf's side of the story now let me tell you what happened.
First: He overstepped his bounds and went over my head on several things.
Second: He never listened to a single thing i said that i wanted except for
races and levels.
Third:He says we kept HIS code, the code he put in was from the Ftp site we

Now after giving him another try my other coder found a virus that was implanted
to crash and destroy the mud. I don't know who put it in but it is out now.
I have decided to keep my other two coders instead of Raf. Only because they
are getting alot done in a good amount of time.
The only thing left to say is that i am paying for my site and have alot into 
my mud not to let someone bring it down.

Your friendly neighborhood IMP 
BlackHeart "I slayed Hades and took over the mud!"
Ankh if you love Isis

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