[Soap Operas] (was: Setting the record straight)

Date: 01/06/97

Yes, it's easy to delete messages that annoy me.  Yes, if I don't like it
I can just skip over them.  Yes, I am effectively wasting bandwidth by
sending this message.  With that out of the way...

Why am I reading the soap opera of some other mud?  I don't care who kicked 
who off who's mud because of what virus. (unless, of course, you post the virus 
along with a little description of what it does)

At least put something even remotely worthwhile to the rest of the list...

[ObCircle] re: infravision on a race

I just SET_BIT() upon login.  Someone did bring up a good point about the
AFF_INFRA flag being removed.  I resolved that by just resetting it on DROW
when they go to sleep, with a little message.  So, if they happened to have
their AFF_INFRA flag yanked by an affect_remove(), they can reset it by just
goin to sleep.

Now that I'm thinkin about it, there is perhaps a simpler way.  Make a macro
#define HAS_INFRA(ch) (AFFECTED_BY(ch, AFF_INFRA) || IS_DROW(ch))
would work on my mud, then use the HAS_INFRA() macro in place of some other

jtrhone aka vall RoA

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