Easy question

From: Robert (rward@aimnet.com)
Date: 01/06/97

I was looking through mobprog11.patch, trying to figure out if I need to
install the 2.2 version first or just the 3.0-11 patch, when I noticed that
about half way through the patch it trys to write itself.  Yes it is true. 
I got this version of the patch from the circlemud contrib/code site.  Also
there is no documentation with the patch.

I guess my questions are these

1.  If I get rid half the file (the half where it's writing itself) will it
2.  Do I need to install the 2.2 ver first?
3.  Where can I get a copy of the 3.0 11 ver with docs?

Robert Ward
Aimnet Network Operations Center

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