MOBPROGS format question...

From: Bubonic (
Date: 01/06/97

Sorry to continue to harass this list with MOBPROGS questions...I have noticed
that there have been quite a few lately.  It also seems that I am not the only
one having trouble coming up with documentation for it.  I managed to find some
documentation yesterday after doing a WWW search, bu that turned out to be for
he ROM version of it, so it didn't help me too much.  

My question is this:  I'm gonna go ahead and try to figure this out without the 
documentation, however, when I tried putting together my first MOBPROG
yesterday (just a demo to test it), I kept receiving errors saying that the
format which I used was wrong.  This is the way it looked: If you see something
wrong with it..I assume its something very small, please let me know.

{regular mob information}
8 8 1                 // mob position and sex
>greet_prog 60~       // I wasn't sure what number to put here, does it matter?
  bow $n
#10013                // do I need anything else seperating he two mobs? 
{next mob info}

That's it.  pretty simple.  I also tried ending it with a pipe "|", but that didn't
work either.     

As I said, any help would be greatly apprecited.  Thanks a lot

Jeff Hanks

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