[Info] anybody have code to save objs in cont.

From: Darklord (zumwalt@koala.morningside.edu)
Date: 01/06/97

  Well, i ran into a problem today where the objsave crap wont save objects
already in containers.  What happens is that any objects in continers will
be automatically taken out and placed in your inventory (upon crashsave).

  Now i have been working around with this new gun code, and am using
obj values to determine a sequence of steps.  Well everything is starting
to work fine.. except that the clip always gets removed from the
gun upon crash save.

  Now i suppose i could reset the weapon obj val if a crash was to occur,
but that would suck, and be entirly specific for just weaapon types.

  If objects could be saved in containers... this could work for all objects.

Now what im thinking.. is that i probably have to make additional room
in the objsave file for container types.. but this seems like more
work than i want to do tonight.. so perhaps somebody might
share the code for this problem.. if they would be so kind.

  And just on another note.. if you do have this code and dont want
to share it.. can you let me know anyway.. maybe i can work something out..

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