RE: [LONG] Re: Way to Run Circle on dos

From: Eric Jones (
Date: 01/07/97

>Yes you can, I made a readme on how to use GCC for Win95 to compile
>it... I sent it to Jeremy but haven't heard a word since!
>Here is the doc... anyways...

I was able to compile circle using method... thank you Chris.  The only 
other thing that is plaguing me now is the fact that I can't get the client 
to connect to the mud unless i am actively logged onto the net via my PPP 

Circle seems to have a problem figuring out that i am logging in from 
localhost and unless i am online and the ip address that is assigned to me 
dynamically is there, circle will make a connection but i never get any 
text on the screen.

It works great though when i'm on the net.

Any suggestions?  or is this just another Win95 problem that i have to work 
out on my own?

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