Re: [LONG] Re: Way to Run Circle on dos

From: Chris Warren (
Date: 01/07/97

Eric Jones wrote:
> >
> >
> >Yes you can, I made a readme on how to use GCC for Win95 to compile
> >it... I sent it to Jeremy but haven't heard a word since!
> >
> >Here is the doc... anyways...
> >
> >Chris
> I was able to compile circle using method... thank you Chris.  The only
> other thing that is plaguing me now is the fact that I can't get the client
> to connect to the mud unless i am actively logged onto the net via my PPP
> connection.
> Circle seems to have a problem figuring out that i am logging in from
> localhost and unless i am online and the ip address that is assigned to me
> dynamically is there, circle will make a connection but i never get any
> text on the screen.


> Any suggestions?  or is this just another Win95 problem that i have to work
> out on my own?

Yeah, this is a bugging Win95 problem.... I get around it by connecting
and just clicking cancel when win95 tries to connect. There is one code
modification which will help...
it is caused by Circle trying to resolve ip addresses to names (you have
to be connected to do this), this can be solved by going into config.c
and changing 
   int nameserver_is_slow = NO;
   int nameserver_is_slow = YES;

this will fix your problem... it did for me!

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