[code] do_skin errata

From: Scott Warren (scottw59@mail.idt.net)
Date: 01/07/97

  the do_skin code (I don't know if the copy at the site has been fixed)
needs 2 corrections:
  in ACMD(do_skin)
   /* need to check to make sure they are trying to skin a corpse */
    if(strcmp(arg1, "corpse"))
    { send_to_char("Just skin corpses.\r\n", ch);
  /* need to make sure they are wielding an object before checking its type */
    if(!GET_EQ(ch, WEAR_WIELD))
    { send_to_char("Not with your bare hands.\r\n", ch);
  /* of course if you have races, maybe clawed races could skin corpses
without a weapon */

  Thanks to those who have written with corrections on any patches I've made

     Scott aka Calain at nexus.vhdev.com 4000

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