Can I put a PAUSE in mobprogs?

From: Bubonic (
Date: 01/07/97

I was adding my first mobprogs the other day and they worked fine!
However, I noticed one rather annoying detail.  If a character walks
into a room with a mob that is set to greet whomever walks in, the greet
message will apear instantly when the character walks in, almost as if 
it were part of the room description.  

I would like to have it pause briefly.  A second maybe.  Then have the mob
say something, then pause again (a second again) and perhaps say something else.
In this way, it would be a little mroe realistic.  The mob would not shower the 
character with 10 lnes of text before the character had a chance to read them.

Any help would be appreciated...there may very well be a built-in pause function,
and if so, I apologize, but I have no documentation, and so have not found one

Thank-you very much,

Jeff Hanks

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