<cOdE> stat and affects

From: Corey Hoitsma (choitsma@netcom.com)
Date: 01/08/97

Hehe, sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions, just trying to smooth
out some of the stuff I've added:P And thanks for the replies on the
previous two!

I was wonder, how do you show the affects an obj is doing to a player?
If I have an obj affect of AFF_INFRAVISION and wear that obj, and then
stat myself, it doesn't show. How would I make it so that it would?

Also, I wanna check the objs to see what my natural stats are, and then
what it is with the obj that I am wearing.. like:

Strength:	15 (18)

Where 15 is my natural str, and 18 is with spells/objs that affect str.

Thanks for anything on this:P

Have fun!

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