[Objects]On line modification

From: Wyatt Bode (bode@juncol.juniata.edu)
Date: 01/08/97

Me again,
	This time, I was trying to implement some on-line modification of
objects.  The base object would remain the same, but the descriptions,
affects, name, etc. could be modified by on-line commands.  In this way,
players could use, say a "craft" skill to turn one object into another. 
The question is, what additional information would I need to save in the
rent files, and has anyone already done something like this?  I have
seen a "make potion" command around the CircleMUD ftp site, but it
creates new items which cannot be saved.  I want the changes to be
fairly permanent, allowing the items to be rented as usual.  Any ideas?
					-- Wyatt Bode
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