[Code] Saving new struct, help.

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 01/09/97

G'Day all.
	I have this little structure i have successfully added into my char_data.

struct char_spell_data_info {
	byte num_spells_memed[TOTAL_MEM_LEVELS+1][SPELL_LEVELS+1]; // Number of
Memorised Spells.
	int memorised_spells[SPELL_LEVELS+1][MAX_SPELLS_PER_LEVEL+1]; // Current
Memorised Spells.

Now, my small problem is this.I don't know where to save and load this
info. My best guess is db.c but the actual
places, i'm not sure. This is becuase when i looked at some places, it
looked like it was only initialising some of
the char_data stuff, not actaully coping.

Anyways. Anyone have any suggesstions please?

Jussy [who is half way into getting spells with levels, not mana, done].

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