[IDEA] religion

From: Nic Suzor (suzor@bluesky.net.au)
Date: 01/11/97

Hi all,

I am bouncing around the idea of a religion system. it sounds easy enough
to implement, but im not exactly sure what to implement as yet :)

my basic thoughts are that religions might increase role playing a little,
make it a bit more interesting, get the gods involved with the mortals,
that sort of thing.

here are my ideas so far.

gods design their temples, put them in hidden away places around the world.

players discover a temple, or multiple temples, and choose a religion to

the player is now a devout follower in the ways of that god.

there is room for advancement within a religion. ie: monk, priest, high
priest, that sort of thing.

pc gets something in return for worshipping the god.

now, its that last step im having trouble with. ideally, this should be
different for all religions. so a pc joins a particular religion because it
offers him xxx... any ideas what some of these could be? maybe a highly
materialistic religion, where worshippers can get more gold from corpses
than normal? extra exp? maybe some spells? eq? str? that sort of thing...

your ideas are appreciated :)

Nic Suzor
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