Re: [IDEA] religion

From: Mark Komus (umkomusm@cc.UManitoba.CA)
Date: 01/12/97

I like the idea.  I'd thought of it a while back, but since I'm just 
starting I'd figure I'll put in the basics first and write the rest later.

> gods design their temples, put them in hidden away places around the world.
> players discover a temple, or multiple temples, and choose a religion to
> follow.
Hmm interesting but why would a god want to hide their temple.  Wouldn't 
the gods want more followers so make their temples easily found by people 
who would worship them?

> now, its that last step im having trouble with. ideally, this should be
> different for all religions. so a pc joins a particular religion because it
> offers him xxx... any ideas what some of these could be? maybe a highly
> materialistic religion, where worshippers can get more gold from corpses
> than normal? extra exp? maybe some spells? eq? str? that sort of thing...
I was thinking that it might be interesting if some players after 
reaching Max level had a chance of becoming the "gods" of the mud 
themselves.  They would get certain amount of powers based on how many 
followers they had and could use these powers to help intice new folowers 
in, help those already in, etc.  The powers could be almost anything; I 
was thinking along the lines of sorta low level god powers, minor 
creation, loading powers, building powers.  This way also the gods aren't 
just faceless names, they're real people that are trying to build their 
power and religion up so they have to help their followers to try and get 
more etc.

Mark Komus
2nd Year Computer Science (Honours)
University of Manitoba

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