Re: [Code] Mobprog addition into OasisOLC

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 01/12/97

a bit without compiling errors, but it won't function properly. 
a)It won't write mopprogs to the file.
b)It won't read any mobprogs from the file.
If you want, you can compare my file to yours to see what you may be
missing.  If you or anyone can figure out why it isn't writing to file, I
would be extremely grateful.  I was told that it may be a problem with it
trying to use real mob numbers instead of the virtual numbers.  Also, could
someone explain what a real mob number is and why it might be in place?

At 09:01 AM 1/11/97 EST, you wrote:
>     I've finally gotten around to adding Mobprogs and the snippet to
>implement them into Oasis OLC.  However, I've run into one snag.
>I have no idea what to do with:
>I'm assuming that these go into a .h file, either utils.h or olc.h
>and they are structures like char_data.  But I am currently lost.
>I would vastly appreciate whomever donated this mobprog patch into
>OasisOLC to clarify what these two variables are.  I doubt that,
>without having actually made this patch or using this patch and 
>receiving the info i'm looking for, anyone could answer this question.
>						Thanks,

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