[Objects]On-line modification

From: Wyatt Bode (bode@juncol.juniata.edu)
Date: 01/12/97

Hello all,
	I haven't gotten any response about how to save the spec_procs on an
object to the rent files.  Anyone able to do this, or have an idea where
to start?  If not, that's OK, I'm sure I can muddle through it in time.  

	On the same subject, I have uploaded a set of three commands which
allow players to modify things on the mud.  It is in the contrib/code
directory on ftp.circlemud.org named act.build.c and act.build.README. 
The README file gives complete instructions on how to install it.  Let
me know if anyone likes/uses it.
			-- Wyatt Bode
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