Re: [IDEA] religion

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 01/11/97

At 02:19 AM 1/12/97 -0600, Mark Komus wrote:
>Hmm interesting but why would a god want to hide their temple.  Wouldn't 
>the gods want more followers so make their temples easily found by people 
>who would worship them?

i spose you could, but i like the idea of pc's exploring and stumbling
along lost temples, that sort of thing :)

>I was thinking that it might be interesting if some players after 
>reaching Max level had a chance of becoming the "gods" of the mud 
>themselves.  They would get certain amount of powers based on how many 
>followers they had and could use these powers to help intice new folowers 
>in, help those already in, etc.  The powers could be almost anything; I 
>was thinking along the lines of sorta low level god powers, minor 
>creation, loading powers, building powers.  This way also the gods aren't 
>just faceless names, they're real people that are trying to build their 
>power and religion up so they have to help their followers to try and get 
>more etc.

ive done that with heroes already. basically, you become a hero, you build
a castle, you hire people to follow you, equip them (eq, castle  etc is
charged at a per room + per ac point fee), and then all the heroes go along
fighting each other, that sort of thing :)

im looking for something for the real gods to do, even the senior ones..
coz just building with no playing gets a lil boring sometimes :) but im not
sure what exactly
they can do... 

Nic Suzor

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