Re: OasisOLC problem

From: R. E. Paret (
Date: 01/12/97

On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Anthony J rye wrote:

> ok well her is what i am getting when i compile:
> comm.c:1377: 'CON_OEDIT' undeclared (First use this)
> and the rest it says the same thing for redit,sedit,& medit.
> in the comm.c in line :1377: i seen this:
> case CON_OEDIT
> case CON_REDIT
> case (etc.....)
>  So what do i need to do here?
> thanks for the help in advance :)
> (i have an idea, but i dont wanna fuck it up and reinstall :P)

Ok. Somehow patch messed up the install. To fix this problem in particular,
go to structs.h , search for CON_DELCNF2 , and add the following after that.

#define CON_OEDIT        17             /*. OLC mode - object edit     .*/
#define CON_REDIT        18             /*. OLC mode - room edit       .*/
#define CON_ZEDIT        19             /*. OLC mode - zone info edit  .*/
#define CON_MEDIT        20             /*. OLC mode - mobile edit     .*/
#define CON_SEDIT        21             /*. OLC mode - shop edit       .*/

note that the numbers after the CON_XXXXX are for my mud, so you may need 
to change them. Just keep in mind that the #defines should run in 
sequential numerical order (ie: if CON_DELCNF2 is number 22, CON_OEDIT should
be 23 and so on)

Hope that helps.


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