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Date: 01/13/97

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>  On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Corey Hoitsma wrote:
>  > Hello all:)
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>  > I just have a question for the lot of you.
>  > 
>  > Is there any 'okay' way to ask players for money while still being
>  > legal? Money to pay for your site, to pay for a fast connection,
>  > stuff that players would want to have a better mud?
>  > 
>  > What do you think about selling T-Shirts or other objs that are
>  > related to the mud, but what is payed goes to the site and whatnot?
>  > I think this is pretty legal, since the players wouldn't be paying
>  > for mudding, but something to have.. uh, something like that:P
>  > 
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>   Sound like to me someone is out to make a fast buck. if you want to
>  charge people make you own ispn and charge people to start mud accounts on
>  it. 
>   In my Eyes your taking the fun out of mud.
Now I don't want to start a flame war.. but isn't that a bit harsh? 

I've never heard anyone complain about a B.B.S. (remember those :-))
taking donations to add hardware, etc. I used to run a 3 line BBS back
when a fast pc was a 386/16, and if you mentioned ethernet to someone,
they'd ask you what drugs you were on. I sunk around $6K into it, had a
blast, and received a grand total of around $250 in donations (enough to
pay the phone bill for a few months)

I believe the license agreement for Circle doesn't allow what he has
described. But IMHO that doesn't equate to 'trying to make a fast buck.'

I personally have spent about $1,000 to put a mud up (so far) and I will
never solicit or accept donations. But that is me, others may not have
another decent way to have a reliable site. 

In addition, I have donated to a Circle based MUD (no, I'm not going to
say which one :P). My donation was a 2gig tape drive (after they had a
drive crash and lost everyone's player files (including my own)). I believe
that is the sort of thing that is in the spirit of the license agreement,
if not the letter. 



P.S. If you feel the need to flame, please do it to, not to the list. Thanks.

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