Re: Re[2]: <AdMiN> Charges, etc

From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 01/13/97

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:
> Now I don't want to start a flame war.. but isn't that a bit harsh? 

No i am not trying to start a flame whats so ever, i stated my opion ,and
i am leaving it at that. no Flame Intended

> I've never heard anyone complain about a B.B.S. (remember those :-))
> taking donations to add hardware, etc. I used to run a 3 line BBS back
> when a fast pc was a 386/16, and if you mentioned ethernet to someone,
> they'd ask you what drugs you were on. I sunk around $6K into it, had a
> blast, and received a grand total of around $250 in donations (enough to
> pay the phone bill for a few months)
> I believe the license agreement for Circle doesn't allow what he has
> described. But IMHO that doesn't equate to 'trying to make a fast buck.'
> I personally have spent about $1,000 to put a mud up (so far) and I will
> never solicit or accept donations. But that is me, others may not have
> another decent way to have a reliable site. 
> In addition, I have donated to a Circle based MUD (no, I'm not going to
> say which one :P). My donation was a 2gig tape drive (after they had a
> drive crash and lost everyone's player files (including my own)). I believe
> that is the sort of thing that is in the spirit of the license agreement,
> if not the letter. 
> Interpretations?
> --Mallory
Actually yes i do remember bbs's i was running a bbs before the 386 pc
came out i was running one back in the 1980's on a commadore 64, so yes i
know all about B.B.S ,and i know about those who charged for access, but
even then as i ran a bbs i didnt ask for any donations or charge anyone
for access to it.
 I cant say i didn think about it, but i never did.
i dont see nothing wrong if your like making t-shirts or what ever ,but i
dont think its fair to charge for access to the mud.

       .o0o.No Flame Intended, just stating my opion.o0o.

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