[CODE][NEWBIE] aedit compiling, problem with adding

From: Jonathan VanKim (vankim@students.uiuc.edu)
Date: 01/13/97

Hi all,
I'm a new coder looking for help on the following things.   I have a feeling
I know what's wrong with aedit but hopefully I can make sure.

After i've patched in aedit, i get this when i compile.

olc.c: In function `do_olc':
olc.c:223: warning: implicit declaration of function `aedit_save_to_disk'

Also, I added levels to the code, i get this... a lot of this infact:

 SYSERR: Unknown apply adjust attempt (handler.c, affect_modify). 

AFter about 50 lines of this I get this error:

SYSERR: Illegal value(s) passed to obj_to_room

These came from my errors file in /log directory.

Any one have had the same problem before?  I'm really new to coding so if
you can please put things newbie language... ie.. at line so and so change
this  :)


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