Saving New stuff - where?

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 01/13/97

G'day All,
	 I'm wondering where would i add the code to save/load this structure that
i added to my char_data. Is it in chat_to_store/store_to_char ??

This is the structure.
// This structure holds all the players spell information.
struct char_spell_data_info {
	byte num_spells_memed[TOTAL_MEM_LEVELS+1][SPELL_LEVELS+1]; // Number of
Memorised Spells.
	int memorised_spells[SPELL_LEVELS+1][MAX_SPELLS_PER_LEVEL+1]; // Memorised
	int to_be_memorised[SPELL_LEVELS+1][MAX_SPELLS_PER_LEVEL+1];  // The
spells TO BE mem'ed.

struct char_data {
   int pfilepos;								// playerfile pos		
   struct mob_special_data mob_specials;		// NPC specials		  

   struct char_spell_data_info char_spell_info;		// MY ADDITION HERE

   struct affected_type *affected;				// affected by what spells       

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