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From: R. E. Paret (
Date: 01/13/97

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, AxL wrote:

> 	And excerpt from "license.doc" below, but I suggest re-reading
> it in it's entirety...
> Using CircleMUD legally is easy.  In short, the license requires three things:
> 1) You must not use CircleMUD to make money or be compensated in any way.
> 2) You must give the authors credit for their work.
> 3) You must comply with the DikuMUD license.
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That still doesn't answer his question though.  According to the licence, 
the idea of what CircleMUD IS, per se, is very vague.  It is implicit 
that you can't use CircleMUD code in order to make a profit, or "be 
compensated in any way" such as asking users for money to upgrade lines, 
hardware, etc. But if you sold T-shirts promoting "GreatMUD" or whatever, 
the idea of GreatMUD, and its areas, users, etc. is your intellectual 
property (supposedly) to do with as you please. I think the whole idea 
behind the license is to ensure that the Circle code stays freeware, and 
that Jeremy doesn't get ripped off by some credit-grabbing louse. :)
I think that the sale of coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc, is perfectly fine, 
but then again, it isn't my call. :)


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