[newbie][code] Where do I find these programs?

From: Daniel Holmes (danielh@teleport.com)
Date: 01/13/97

In several examples it suggests to pipe things into other programs such
as tar and patch ( .gz | tar or .gz | patch ).  I realize that this game
is mainly for the internet but Wildcat 5 is called (By Mustang Software)
a net server (Weither or not you agree with that statement) and allows
people to telnet or ftp to the internet from the BBS.   This ability is
done the same way one would use the telnet software that comes with
Win95 or NT.  Since the localhost is ip address and the circle
mud is port 4000, a user can play this game while in NT or Win95 because
of Wildcats programs, even if a user is not using any dial-up networking
or is even connected to the internet.

	Because of this I offer the Circle mud on my BBS.  I have no intention
of spending lots of money to allow users to connect to the internet. 
Nor do I intend to switch to UNIX, but this game looks like fun.  I just
spent a lot of time downloading patch and readme files to apply to
circle mud and trying to find a program that will un-tar or gunzip
sonething in windows 95.

	Can anyone tell me where to get in MSDOS format the zip files with: 
gzip, gunzip. tar, patch and any other programs I might need.  If they
are available in source code form only and I have to compile them
great.  I have Borland Pascal 7.0, Borland c++ 3.0, Borland Delphi 2.0,
and MSVC++ 4.0.  So I can compile just about anything.  I looked on
Lycos but it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

	Why do I need these programs?  Because this makes no sence to me:

<   { "cucu"  ,POS_STANDING,do_say,0,0},

	Can anyone help me out?  Please no replies with 'the above is...', I
know that it is a way to update the circle mud source.  However without
the programs to do this it is about as futile as trying to call someone
without a phone.
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