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From: Dan Shiovitz (
Date: 01/13/97

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, DJ Pure wrote:
> G'day All,
> 	  Ok. Tuff one here (i think). I need to create spell books. This means i
> need a scribe function. I can do that and I do not want anyones. But. ... i
> need to create spell books/tombs, etc. This means i need to create an
> object that holds pages, and on each page there needs to be a spell (ie the
> spell number = spellnum). So basically i have thought of this ->

I'd suggest adding two fields to the obj_data struct, one an int
saying the max number of spells it can hold, and the other a linked
list of ints listing the spellnums it's holding.  The only problem is
that if you want to save this list, you'll have to do it specially, 
because there's not currently a provision for saving more than the
v0-v3 special object fields.

(and, btw, it's not "tomb," it's "tome")
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