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From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 01/13/97

G'day All,
	  Ok. Tuff one here (i think). I need to create spell books. This means i
need a scribe function. I can do that and I do not want anyones. But. ... i
need to create spell books/tombs, etc. This means i need to create an
object that holds pages, and on each page there needs to be a spell (ie the
spell number = spellnum). So basically i have thought of this ->

travelling spellbook = has lighter weight, etc etc, but can only hold ..
say .. 12 spells in it (for example).
apprentices tomb = bit heavier .. etc etc but can hold 25 spells in it.
master's encycopedia = damn heavy and holds up to 60 or so spells ..
I was thinking that the spells could be an array ... ie.
So .. how do i create this type of special object?

In brief .. i need to create a new type of OBJECT TYPE FLAG of therefor

Any ideas Coding wizards [Daniel, Alex, Chris, Jeremy, (and the list goes
on ...)?

Jussy Wussy Fussy Bussy Mussy Pussy
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