[system-win95][newbie] Tar, Gzip, Patch, Diff, Gunzip

From: Daniel Holmes (danielh@teleport.com)
Date: 01/13/97

Where do I find FREEWARE tar, gzip, patch, diff, gunzip files for MSDOS
or Windows95, not shareware version of WinZip 6.2 etc.  I do not wish to
spend even 1 cent to buy any programs when the source code is out there
for unix and is free.  In fact I do not see how people can make
shareware files for these programs when the source code says 'Don't even
think about charging any money for this...'.  A FAQ file at
ftp.circlemud.org said that all the files I would need would be at
ftp://ftp.gnu.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu.  I found source code for patch 2.1. 
However it requires unistd.h.  I also have no idea if this is the patch
program I need to apply files found at ftp://ftp.circle.org/.  Since I
am not a UNIX user I can not compile this program to add any files to
the current Circule mud version I have out of circle30bpl11.zip.

	Can anyone help me?  Someone has to use Windows 95 and MSVC++ to
compile this program.  Otherwise it would not be written in MSVC++ for
Windows 95.  If anyone does use Windows 95 and MSVC++, and that person
has these programs on his system can you email me a copy of all of
them?  danielh@teleport.com.  I spent 12 hours trying to find these
programs or edit the source code myself.  All I get are errors because I
am not adding the information in the write way.  However this is kinda
hard to decifer:

<   { "cucu"  ,POS_STANDING,do_say,0,0},

	Furtheremore if this is not hard to decifer and is telling me to CHANGE
line 534 what about when I add 10 lines before line 534.  Then line 534
might 544.  So if I did have a PATCH, or DIFF program, How do they work
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