Re: [system-win95][newbie] Tar, Gzip, Patch, Diff, Gunzip

From: Chris Warren (
Date: 01/14/97

Daniel Holmes wrote:
> Where do I find FREEWARE tar, gzip, patch, diff, gunzip files for MSDOS
> or Windows95, not shareware version of WinZip 6.2 etc.  I do not wish to
> spend even 1 cent to buy any programs when the source code is out there
> for unix and is free.

Look at...
my pride and joy :) It refers to Cygnus-GNU-Win32.... A project to port
all the GNU software over to the Win32 OS(?)...

To download *ALL* of the utilities you mentioned and more take a peek

Yes it is totally free.... no need to pay a cent or to register it....
just abide by the good old GNU license!


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