[newbie] spec_proc

From: Laura Ree (laura@berkeley.sds.com.hk)
Date: 01/14/97

Howdy ya'll,
I'm not new to Circle MUD, but I am definitly _very_ new to coding so
please bear with me here =). 
I am working on a spec_proc for a current zone I'm building, what I'd like
it to do is to basically make a mob gecho, but only to the zone. The
closest command I can find to this is shout, and I've figured that I could
do the spec_proc something similar to: (i havent' checked if this works
yet, so forgive any stupid errors)

    if (CMD || FIGHTING(ch))
      return FALSE;
      case 1:
        do_gen_comm(ch, "The captain has turned off the no smoking sign.",
                    0, CMD_SHOUT);
          return TRUE;
         return FALSE;

I _think_ this would then show up something like:
MobA shouts,'The captain has turned off the no smoking sign.'
(only to the zone)

But what I am trying to make it do is:
MobA announces, 'The captain has turned off the no smoking sign.'
(only to the zone)

any ideas? suggestions? 
Also another very newbie-ish type question, when i did a grep on "shout" I
got over a page of places it is listed (so I did it more specifically to
narrow it down) anyways, my question is: is there some way in Linux that I
can make it show the results of the grep in pages? (instead of just
scrolling off so fast that I only see the last page worth).
Thanks for all the help
-- L

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