<CoDe> Exits, finding

From: Corey Hoitsma (choitsma@netcom.com)
Date: 01/14/97

Hello all!
Thanks for your replies on the <AdMiN> issue!

Well, I'm thinking of writing a peice of code that will pretty
much test all the rooms in the whole mud, seeing if one of it's
exits goes to another room. Somehow mobs wonder into the
void, 0, but I can't see to find the room.

This way ppl can make sure that a room isn't connected to some
special room (imm room?) that shouldn't be there.

Can anyone help me on how I should do this? I think it'd
be pretty easy, but I'm suspecting it'd take a long time
to run thru all the rooms and exits to test them all.

Thanks for any tips!

Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
____         choitsma@netcom.com
 L|azmania			ah.net 7000

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