Re: <CoDe> Exits, finding

From: AxL (
Date: 01/14/97

> Well, I'm thinking of writing a peice of code that will pretty
> much test all the rooms in the whole mud, seeing if one of it's
> exits goes to another room. Somehow mobs wonder into the
> void, 0, but I can't see to find the room.
> Can anyone help me on how I should do this? I think it'd
> be pretty easy, but I'm suspecting it'd take a long time
> to run thru all the rooms and exits to test them all.

	Hmm....well, I'd assume it is a normal exit with no lock and
no door, so go into the directory containing all your world files, and
do a

grep -nx "0 -1 0" *

 0 = no door, 
-1 = no key, 
 0 = room # it exits to, in this case room number zero.

	Give it a shot...should work.
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