From: doppsoft (doppsoft@junctionnet.com)
Date: 01/14/97

I have seen on some MUDs, just before you get the 'title screen' for the 
MUD (where you SHOULD have credits to Jeremy and the DIKU folks) where it 
will ask you if you have ANSI and then send you a different screen 
depending on a yes or no answer.  Now, I am not all that familiar with 
the way that the MUD deals with players logging on, and when the 'title 
screen' is displayed, and so, I implore you, PLEASE, how do I do this?  I 
have no idea where to place the CON_QANSI nor do I know how to get it to 
then display the proper screen.  Also, some advice on how to deal with 
the ANSI code and the variable setting would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Help me obi-wan, you're my only hope!  ;)

(scuse me, suffering from delusion brought on from strep throat)
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