CODE: color

From: Joshua G. French (
Date: 01/15/97

Well, actually I didn't have any code to submit, though it would probably 
help you all to understand my question better.  I did my own color, and 
was curious if the way I did it is to consuming of processor time or any 
ways to make it better.

Basically, I set all the new colors in the screen.h file, adding colors for
brighter stuff, and some blinking, etc.  Then I changed the option from 
color <none/some/all> or something like that to just color <off/ansi>... 
and when it comes time to call up some color, instead of the calls to 
test for the color, I test for case off and case ansi then send the code, 
yes it's a bit larger in terms of size, but do you think that the 
switches slow down the time it takes to send color to the player, etc. 
making for unnecessary lag.  I can send out code clips if you like, but 
if you understand what I'm getting at, just drop back a reply as to what 
you think.


PS if anyone would like, i have a real simple code segment for preventing 
folks from just immorting when they hit that xp at their highest level...
the concept is simple :>
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