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From: Sammy (
Date: 01/15/97

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Dave wrote:

- Hey people...
- just want to say thanks to the tons of people who responded to my plea for
- help about autorun not autorunning:)  I only have a quick question this
- time, albiet newbie-ish:
- is there a faw out there with purely erosr and problems and how to fix them?
- not the real faq from, but something like
- "if you get error msg. "blahblahblah", then do this"etc.etc.?

I think Jeremy's working on that for the next release.
No, he doesn't know when the next release will be ready. ;)

One thing a lot of newbies misunderstand is that when the mud crashes,
it's very rare that you'll get any info from the syslog.  Sometimes it's
useful to know if someone was in the middle of logging in, and other small
tidbits, but SYSERR's usually only show up when there's a nonfatal error.

My best advice is to search the code for a part of the syslog errors so
you can see where a certain warning is generated and get an idea of what
would cause it.

For example:

SYSERR: error in zone file: Invalid vnum etc...

grep "error in zone file" src/*.c

Your SYSERR's are always going to be the result of code or database
changes (socials, mobs, rooms, etc), so the first thing to check is what
you've changed.  I've never seen stock circle cause errors.


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