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From: Pedro Maris (
Date: 01/17/97

A really handy thing I have found is that when I have a fatal error my
core dumps into the /lib directory of the mud.. I don't know if this
only happens for me, it may be because whenever I am testing things I am
using the root account.. Not sure.. It's very handy though cause after
the core dumps I just run gdb on the core and it tells me the specific
position of the place in code that the crash took place (file, line#
etc).. Just a little advice for people having a lot of problems.. :)
If you don't know the syntax on gdb, I just type gdb ../bin/circle core
from the lib directory.

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Sammy wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Dave wrote:
> - Hey people...
> - just want to say thanks to the tons of people who responded to my plea for
> - help about autorun not autorunning:)  I only have a quick question this
> - time, albiet newbie-ish:
> - is there a faw out there with purely erosr and problems and how to fix them?
> - not the real faq from, but something like
> - "if you get error msg. "blahblahblah", then do this"etc.etc.?
> I think Jeremy's working on that for the next release.
> No, he doesn't know when the next release will be ready. ;)
> One thing a lot of newbies misunderstand is that when the mud crashes,
> it's very rare that you'll get any info from the syslog.  Sometimes it's
> useful to know if someone was in the middle of logging in, and other small
> tidbits, but SYSERR's usually only show up when there's a nonfatal error.
> My best advice is to search the code for a part of the syslog errors so
> you can see where a certain warning is generated and get an idea of what
> would cause it.
> For example:
> SYSERR: error in zone file: Invalid vnum etc...
> grep "error in zone file" src/*.c
> Your SYSERR's are always going to be the result of code or database
> changes (socials, mobs, rooms, etc), so the first thing to check is what
> you've changed.  I've never seen stock circle cause errors.
> Sam
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